Hohner Service & repairs

Unmaintained stitching heads are a major cause of failure

Hohner. we are extremely proficient at servicing and repairing side feed stitching heads, including 43/6s, 43/6, 48/5s, 48/5, etc

We have lots of Hohner parts in stock and they can be shipped immediately from our online shop or brought with the engineer when he comes to your site.

We have an excellent service program, where your stitching head will be totally stripped and examined for defects. We then report to you, via email, anything we have found wrong and will fit any new parts you have agreed to, lubricate the head, reassemble and test it thoroughly.

What Else Do We Offer?

Deluxe. We also supply very good quality side feed stitching heads from Deluxe of the USA.

We have had these heads modified to work on the following Horizon machines;

  • SPF10 & SPF11
  • SPF20 & SPF20A
  • SPF200A
These heads are solidly built and reliable.

We offer service and repair, and keep a spares stock for these Deluxe stitching heads. No need to worry about back-up.