Apart from excellent quality stitching wire, we also have the lots in stock for your Horizon Machines or Hohner Heads at excellent prices. Below is just some of the items we supply:

  • All Hohner Parts
  • Pneumatics
  • Sensors (all types)
  • Clutches, Brakes, Valves, Sprockets
  • Suckers for Horizon Folders & Collators
  • Transport Belts, Drive Belts and Timing Belts (all tried and tested over the years)
  • Milling Cutter for BQ270
  • Milling Cutter for BQ440
  • 3 Knife (top & bottom) sets for Stitchliner
  • Top & Bottom Knife set for FC200
  • Top & Bottom Knife set for SPF20 & SPF20A
  • Top & Bottom Knife set for SPF10 & SPF11
  • And many more!

We can also supply Milling Cutters for the BQ470 and BQ460 on request.


Remember, the prices will be very good and you can order any of the above knives in whatever quality steel you desire (the better the quality, the higher the cost, of course!).

01902504316 to discuss your requirements.